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 Kelly Barron​

September, 2015 

A long overdue public thank you to Kathy Monte and Vows! My husband and I met Kathy last winter, with no venue and scattered ideas of what our wedding "should be." From that time, she provided guidance, support, and-at many times-therapy!!! She is an amazing woman, and I could NEVER do what she does! Unbelievable! Kathy and I were in close contact, and she helped me survive my wedding prep. The night before my wedding, KATHY was the person I was texting with... On my wedding day, her presence was calming, and she came to check up on me and my wedding party. To arrive at the ceremony and see everything set up was so incredible! Better than anything I could have dreamed, and it was then that I knew what my vision was. Kathy knew all along... Our reception was just as beautiful, if not more! It's hard to describe a year with Kathy, but all I can say is that my wedding day turned out perfect. I could have never had a perfect wedding day without Vows! ❤️👰🏼  See more on Testimonials Page.


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At Vows, we take your vision of the perfect wedding and make it your reality.  While we do the heavy lifting and attend to every detail meticulously, your vision is our blueprint and we consult with you through the entire planning process.


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